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New Venue for 2025: Cheyenne Mountain Resort!

Big news: we’re moving up!

We’re heading up the road to Cheyenne Mountain Resort for 2025!

Located 10 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs and our past venue, The Antlers, Cheyenne Mountain Resort is a gorgeous new location to open the next chapter of Superstars Writing.

Cheyenne Mountain Resort, or “CMR,” is huge, with 40,000 sqft of meeting space and 316 guest rooms laid out lodge-style. Picturesque views of Pikes Peak and surrounding mountainscapes fill every window. Multiple restaurants, a bar, and a coffee/gift shop will all be open regular hours to welcome ravenous Tribe between sessions—or when you find yourself so inspired you just need to sit down and get your hands on the keyboard. We’ve all been there!

CMR boasts other amenities, such as a resort-style outdoor heated pool and spa, golf course, walking trail, and huge outdoor terraces overlooking the sprawling landscape and mountain backdrop, warmed by fire pits and heaters. The whole facility is accessible, with walkways and elevators complimenting the stairs. And the staff are cheerful, available, and eager to please, making guests feel like VIPs.

Some say there are bears hidden throughout. And maybe other statues and secrets. But one thing is for certain—a new adventure awaits us at CMR, and we’re eager to turn the page together.

CMR's welcoming entrance
Starbucks and general store with fresh grab & go food: open all the time (for real) 
Beautiful, clean decor
Highest catwalk between the Lodge and guest rooms
Fire is good in February
There are some windows
View from the expansive deck of the pool and spa
Nighttime view from the catwalk