Mission Statement

To educate and assist writers and other related professionals on the business and processes of writing, editing, publicizing, and publishing in traditional and independent environments, and to provide contacts and resources in multiple disciplines related to publishing.

Board of Directors

James A. Owen

Board Member

Kevin Ikenberry

Board Member

Mia Kleve

Board Member

Mark Leslie Lefebvre

Board Member

Jonathan Maberry

Board Member

Steve Ruskin

Board Member

Tiffany Brazell

Board Member

Kevin J. Anderson

Board Chair

Rebecca Moesta


Marie Whittaker

Executive Director

Greg Vose


How we started

First Glimmers

In 2009, bestselling authors Kevin J. Anderson, Brandon Sanderson, Dave Wolverton (aka David Farland), Eric Flint, and Rebecca Moesta (Anderson) got together to share how they handled various aspects of their writing businesses. Considering themselves fortunate to have friends from whom they could learn, the authors observed that because writing is an often-solitary art form, most authors probably didn’t have access to professionals in their field to help them on their journey.

As a result, the authors founded Superstars Writing Seminars, primarily to assist and educate authors on the business of writing.


Coalescing Forces

The first Superstars event was held in 2010. In 2012, author James A. Owen was invited to join the group of founders. The founders had envisioned an entirely new group of budding writers showing up each year to learn everything they needed to know about publishing. The publishing business, however, cannot be taught in a few days. It is in a constant state of change, and seminars are updated every year to address those changes.


Broadening Horizons

Attendees returned year after year and began volunteering to pay for new individuals to attend as well. Many believed so strongly in the goals of Superstars that they offered donations and support.

This was an unexpected and organic process. Each year, donors told us that they could increase their support of Superstars if we became a nonprofit with tax-exempt status. It was clear to those of us who worked on the annual conferences that this would benefit all attendees and allow us to offer a wider variety of services. 

After more than 10 years of successful conferences, the founders reorganized Superstars Writing Seminars in 2022 as Superstars Writing, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing knowledge and resources to writers, aspiring writers, and other publishing professionals on an ongoing basis. An all-volunteer Board of Directors provides direction and guidance.